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Calculate CNC milled and turned parts quickly and precisely with AI. Marvin, the AI from Imnoo, takes the pressure off you when creating quotations. Benefit from the following advantages:

  • Automatic runtime estimation
  • Process inquiries faster
  • More turnover
  • More profit

Known from

Why CNC manufacturers rely on Imnoo

timer_24px-4 Time Saving
Anyone who works 12 to 15 hours a day and has to calculate several hundred components a month needs efficiency.
Cost-reduction Cost Reduction
Downtimes, overtime and bottlenecks in production are a thing of the past.
Competitiveness Competitiveness
Greater efficiency, better quality and on-time delivery set you apart from the traditionally calculating competition.
custom icon presition Accuracy
Calculation errors in the conventional method lead to delays and inefficient planning. 
and inefficient planning.
Customer-loyalty Customer Loyalty
Delivery dates are precise and can usually be met. This increases customer satisfaction.
custom icon hero Knowledge Transfer
With Imnoo, you empower your employees and make calculation knowledge available to everyone.

From new customers to orders

Imnoo helps manufacturing companies to automate their sales process for machine components from the inquiry to the finished quotation. Thanks to the built-in artificial intelligence "Marvin" and additional smart functions, Imnoo users are faster than their market competitors and therefore receive more orders. 


Your personal artificial intelligence is the key to automation

As an Imnoo user, you get your own personal artificial intelligence. With each article, your AI "Marvin" automatically learns from your data and trains itself step by step for your company. Your know-how is therefore no longer tied to individual employees but can be used by all areas within your company.


Without Imnoo


  •  Slow and complex component calculation
  • Each component calculated by a specialist
  • Personal know-how not transferable
  • No automation
  • Complicated process

With Imnoo

Mit Imnoo eng

  • Estimate exact running times
  • Fewer miscalculations
  • Create quotations faster
  • Win more orders
  • More time for production
  • More pleasure at work

More than 1000 users worldwide rely on Imnoo

Werner Danz Metallverarbeitung GmbH & Co.KG, 3 Employees

After just 10 hours of work,
calculate CNC components 70% faster!


Patrik Erb Erb Mechanik AG, 12 Employees

Imnoo saves me 600 hours a year because 80% of my CNC parts are calculated automatically


Heribert Rottler Schmidt + Bartl GmbH, 30 Employees

Despite the wide range of components, Imnoo calculates 90% of our CNC components automatically, saving us up to 1200 hours a year!


Martin Riedl
Martin Riedl Ro-Ra Aviation Systems GmbH, 200 Employees

With Imnoo, we now calculate 70% faster, save over 1500 working hours and EUR 50,000 in personnel costs per year.


Alexander Rohner
Alexander Rohner Polymeca AG / Leica Geosystems AG, 130 Employees

Small investment with a lot of output. We now calculate exclusively with Imnoo and have become up to 75% faster as a result!

Lauro Gallmann
Lauro Gallmann Kyburz Feinmechanik AG, 25 Employees

With just 10 hours of training, we now work 50% faster and save 1.5 working days per week

Security by Design

When it comes to our customers' data, we are uncompromising. Our unique AI technology is based on the best security technologies and a privacy-by-design concept.

With Imnoo, each company receives its own account with an individual AI model in which its own data is stored using the latest encryption technologies.

Imnoo trains its own artificial intelligence on a user-specific basis using the data of the respective user. Other Imnoo users outside your own organization have no access to the data.


Integrate Imnoo into your existing process landscape

Imnoo is an add-on for the existing process landscape to cover the entire sales process from inquiry to quotation. To help you avoid having to create orders twice, we transfer all the data from the preliminary costing to your ERP.

To do this, we provide you with an innovative standard Rest API with which you can connect your Imnoo to your existing ERP system. 


Are you a CNC contract manufacturer and want to get started with Imnoo?

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