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Imnoo - Release Notes


last updated 11.07.24


Sectional view in the 3D-Viewer

With this new feature, you can examine the component more closely within the 3D viewer using the sectional view and better visualize its internal conditions!

The field with the three dots right next to the 3D viewer takes you to the "Sectional view." From the moment you select this function, a second window opens in which you can slice the respective X, Y, and Z axes using the sectional view.

sectional view

New calculation formulas for surface treatments

Now it's finally here! Surface treatments can also be calculated based on surface area, volume, or weight! In the settings under "Internal production" or "External production," you can select work steps for surface treatments. Now, under the "Calculation" field, you can choose the new relevant formulas!

calculation formula for surface treatment

Maximum workpiece weight per machine

In the settings, you can now also enter the maximum workpiece weight per machine in the "Machines" under "Technical specifications"! This field will influence the feasibility of components using your machinery in the future! 

workpiece weight  


Time estimation is now available in Calc-Beta!

With this new feature, you can easily and quickly generate time estimates for CNC components, just like in the old Imnoo Calc application, which is entirely driven by AI!

EN Zeitschätzungen

Under "Time estimates," add your 3D file and technical drawing as usual, enter the material and material allowance, select the batch size, select the work step, and select the machine, and you will receive the estimated times.

The similarity search function is also included to find similar components within seconds.

Material database is now available

There are now "Custom materials" available in the settings! Here, you can enter your material cuts per piece or kilo price.

This makes generating the exact prices for the material in an offer position even quicker.

EN Benutzerdefiniertes Material
Now, once you are in a quote position, you can choose in the material supplier field "Custom," and the material you have stored in the settings will be displayed for selection in the "Search material" field:
EN Material suchen

Delivery costs and conditions 

Also, in the settings, you can quickly enter your offers' delivery costs and conditions.

The delivery terms include:

  • Delivery time (in days)
  • Conditions (free text field)

For the delivery costs you can choose between costs per:

  • Piece
  • Offer
  • Kg
EN Lieferung
The delivery times and conditions defined in the settings are now displayed on the "Offer level":
EN Lieferbedingungen

Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA)

Better safe than sorry! The MFA is available in your Imnoo account in the "Security" section, and you just need to enable it! 




Machine specifications are now available

With this new feature you can now store your machine with your specifications! Go to the new Imnoo Calc-Beta version and in the Settings / Machines it is now possible to specify your machine technically!

Technische Spezifikationen - Maschinen EN-1

Important note on the machine specifications: 

With the new update it is possible to specify your machine and fill in the fields within the yellow frame above. In the future the AI model will be trained on this. It is therefore important that you fill in the corresponding fields according to the actual conditions of your machine!

Check out the "Tags" field. You can now use this field to assign a "tag" to machines that have a special task or configuration. For example, machines where apprentice team members work on, machines with pallet automation, machines with workpiece handling or generally special configurations are often marked.



Connectivity notification

A banner in orange color is now displayed on top of the application, which indicates that the Internet connection is interrupted!

Internetverbindungs-hinweis en



The new 3D viewer is live!

You've probably already noticed that there has been a new release two weeks ago, since our latest 3D viewer is now live and equipped with the latest technology!


We don't want to get too technical here, so here are the most important details:

The new 3D viewer now also displays the raw material dimensions, which can be entered using the following fields:


It is also possible to use the "Symmetrical measurement" check box to divide the total symmetrically to the left and right! 

In addition, if the raw material is misaligned, you can use the three dots next to the 3D viewer to realign the axes and place the component correctly in the material!

As I said, many new updates will be to the 3D viewer and the Calc-Beta version in the coming weeks and months! 

Would you like to have your feature implemented?

As already mentioned, there will be many new updates and now you have the chance to help us with your feedback! 

To help us prioritize even more closely and better, we have created a short survey for you. We would like you to give us more direct feedback on our development and decide what should come next! 

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