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Imnoo and the AI Marvin solve urgent challenges in the manufacturing industry: there is a shortage of skilled workers, the fluctuation rate is rising and the price awareness of buyers is leading to tougher and faster calculations. Global digitalization ensures transparency: just-in-time is becoming the maxim

Digital transformation in the CNC industry

Successful companies are digitizing their own quotation and sales process right through to their own web store, thereby increasing their competitiveness.

This not only saves costs, but also increases turnover and customer loyalty. Successful CNC manufacturers rely on digital sales and sell CNC components online via a web store.

This has unpleasant consequences for every CNC manufacturer. The days of slow and inaccurate Excel calculations are over. Only those who automate their quotation process will remain competitive.


Get your own webshop and strengthen your direct sales

How the AI Marvin calculates 

Online platforms offer buyers the opportunity to purchase mechanical engineering components online. The challenge here is that the local contract manufacturer is not taken into account in this process.

Imnoo gives you the opportunity to compete with these large platforms. With our technology, you not only get artificial intelligence, but also several modules and functions to automate your sales from the web store to the quotation. Be ready for the future and start your e-commerce business today.


Speed - your key to success

The demands buyers place on their suppliers are very high. Requests with several dozen items must be offered within 24-48 hours. Otherwise the order is gone.

With Imnoo, you as a CNC manufacturer can calculate up to 80% faster than with conventional calculation templates such as Excel or ERP solutions.

This not only saves you time and money, but also increases your turnover because you no longer lose orders.


Your accounting department is looking forward to Imnoo

Normally, the quotation and calculation process is not a value-adding process for your company. First and foremost, it only generates expenses in the form of time and costs. It gets worse if the desired order is not placed.

Thanks to the accelerated way of working with Imnoo, you will be able to show a positive ROI after just a few months. This is also confirmed by other Imnoo customers. 


Avoid miscalculations despite high speed

Imnoo calculates production times for CNC milled and turned parts with an accuracy of up to 95%. The runtime estimation is data-based and reflects your production processes.

Thanks to automatic tolerance recognition on PDF drawings, you won't overlook any important cost drivers and therefore make fewer miscalculations.

PC mit OCR erkennung

Secure your know-how and get an independent second opinion

Every employee goes on vacation, is ill or even leaves the company. Most of the time, knowledge simply disappears from one day to the next! 
Thanks to the built-in artificial intelligence "Marvin", your calculation experience is saved in your Imnoo account.

You and your colleagues can calculate faster, more reliably and more independently with Imnoo.

  • No waiting times
  • Employees are not distracted
  • Protection against breakdowns

Your account, your data, your AI

As an Imnoo user, you get your own personal account with your own database and your own personal artificial intelligence.  Marvin, your future AI adapts the calculation algorithm based on your post-calculation data with your machinery, tools and materials. As soon as you produce CNC components more efficiently, your AI will adapt dynamically and automatically.

Dine Datenbank

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